Childhood memories: My dad in the newspaper

Here, Paul Hallows from SWit’CH (Swinton Writers in t’Critchley House) remembers the touching story of how his dad got into the local news. 

I had to go to Pendlebury Children’s Hospital for an operation once.

To say thank you for their help, my dad decided to do a sponsored swim for them.

My dad had cancer of the lung and the spine when I was born in 1979. The doctors gave him six weeks to live.

He was bedbound during this time. After a lot of help, he managed to be free of cancer.

When he got his strength back he was in a wheelchair but could walk a short distance on walking sticks.

To cut a long story short, he managed to do the sponsored swim. I was in the pool with him. I was only a child then, and Dave Camm my swimming teacher was in the pool as well, just to make sure my dad was ok.

My dad only planned to do two lengths but managed to do six. His story ended up in the newspaper.

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