Older residents in Trafford and Wythenshawe release heartwarming album

Ten residents from Trafford and Wythenshawe have come together with the help of String of Hearts community arts organisation to produce their own album – Spotlights.

The moving album shines a light on the creativity of their local community and celebrates their lives, stories and ideas.

Each track tells the story of resilience through lockdown such as bereavement, health conditions, hospital visits, caring for others and more.

Impressively, each track was composed over the phone due to COVID-19 restrictions and was put together with the help of String of Hearts musicians.

All profits from the album go towards the running of String of Hearts so that they can reach more people in Trafford and Manchester.

Their work aims to bring older adults together through music-making to encourage better mental health, skills and new relationships.

Listen to their album here.



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