Our Children

Children never ask to be born, they never had a say,

Nine months down the line and they are here to stay.

They’re innocent to start with and need a lot of care,

Further down the line they learn to do their share.

Giving them attention is the best thing you can do,

Having a special bond is best for all of you.

You might be a single parent and been both mum and dad,

Struggling once or twice, but it’s the best job that you’ve had.

Time is very special so we need to make it last,

Make the very most of it because it goes so fast.

When our children turn into adults and remember their childhood,

Let’s hope it’s for the happy times and memories that were good.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to make a child smile,

Just by being with them can make it all worthwhile.

by Debbie Williams


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