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If you have a news story you can email [email protected] – please remember to include as many details as possible and always send a photo.

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Tips for sending us a story:

  1. Don’t make it too long – 400 words is fine
  2. Always include at least one photo – the ideal size is 700x400px and should never be bigger than 1,000px wide
  3. Photos need to be licence-free with permissions to be used on our site
  4. Include the geographical area and subject matter in the subject line
  5. Don’t overload the story with references to your business
  6. Make sure all quotes are attributed to someone, with a full name and if appropriate a job title and age.
  7. Include contact details in case we need to contact you
  8. Don’t forget the 5Ws – Who, When, Where, When and Why – and How