A poem for International Day for Older Persons: Old and Young Together in Our Place

October 1 marks the International Day for Older Persons which is celebrated every year around the world. 

This year, Talking About My Generation has been working in conjunction with the Greater Manchester’s Older People’s Network to produce a video and an exciting campaign that shows how generations are working together to tackle climate change.

Dorretta and Zachary are local activists, featured in our campaign.

One of our reporters, Pauline from Manchester, has written a poem to celebrate and reflect on the day:

Climate change affects us all

old and young together

it’s our planet our home

Greater Manchester is Our Place

for old and young alike


October 1st is a special day for all

older people across the globe

its about climate change and here its

about passing on the torch

to younger folk across

all ten boroughs in Our Place


What can we do to make Our Place

safer to live in for us all

how can we make a difference

to climate change

in Our Place


The bees buzz on the cathedral roof

Litter pickers roam our streets

we cycle more

we recycle more

we plant more

in Our Place


Us older people set examples

for those coming after

we are passing on the torch

to our younger helpers

to make it greener and safer

In Our Place


Check out the video here:

A free public drop-in event will be held in Manchester Central Gallery from between 2 pm-3.30 pm and is a chance to meet and speak to some of those who have been featured in the campaign.


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