A trip from Openshaw to London in the swinging sixties

Isn’t it just fabulous that we can all reminisce on our memories?

In part one of Once Upon a Time In Openshaw, Janet S told me some precious memories from her time growing up in Openshaw with her best friend Janet B.

Now, they share more stories from the past that we just had to share with you.

When our parents thought we were having a weekend at a friend’s house in Burnage we had the time of our lives, sightseeing walking down Carnaby Street which was the centre of the universe in the swinging sixties. 

Just the three of us, including Karen W, our friend from Burnage who told her parents she was having a weekend in Openshaw! 

This was before summer in 1966. We had a great time. We set off from Manchester on the coach and whilst in London we stayed in a lady’s hostel.

The lady who ran it seemed to think it was strange three young girls in the capital on our own, but I reassured her that we were not runaways and she let us stay. We were all back in the hostel before dark.

It was very difficult when we got home because my older sister worked it out and I had to do her share of the dishes for weeks, lucky we didn’t have a telephone so nobody checked up with Karen W’s parents. 

Here is one of the many photos from that weekend taken on Landseers Lions in Trafalgar Square.


  1. Lovely story that made me smile as I was reading it. Made me think it was lucky not to have a telephone back then. My dad had no idea where I disappeared to at some weekends back in the 60s.


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