Add tram and train to your pension-age pass for £10 per year

One of the perks of becoming a pensioner (hate that word, but it is specifically for those who are eligible for a state pension) is the free travel pass.

Gadding about town for nowt! Anywhere in Greater Manchester by bus, tram or train at no cost? Brilliant.

However, this month things have changed.

You’ll still be able to travel free off-peak by bus but to keep unlimited off-peak Metrolink and rail travel you now need to add ‘tram and train’ to your pass for a £10 annual fee.

The £10 charge does not apply to concessionary passes for disabled people.

You can add tram and train at any TfGM Travelshop or PayPoint store.

To buy online, you will need to link your travel pass to a Get Me There account. Follow the step-by-step guide at Get Me There.

Once you have paid online, you will need to touch-in with your usual pass at a Metrolink smart reader within 14 days at any tram stop and your pass will be updated to show you have paid to add tram and train.

If you’ve paid to add tram and train for a year and your travel pass runs out before the end of that year, you won’t need to pay again. Just touch-in with your new concessionary pass at a Metrolink smart reader, at any tram stop, and your pass will be updated.

Stephen Rhodes, Customer Director at Transport for Greater Manchester, said: “We do appreciate that this is a change for people and bringing in a new charge is never an easy decision, but this modest fee to access transport services will help to make sure customers can benefit from discounted travel schemes for years to come.

“For £10 a year, customers will get unlimited off-peak travel on trams and trains right across Greater Manchester – which is great value for money, at around 19p per week.

“The number of people eligible for a pension-age concessionary travel passes is set to rise by 44% by 2028. This modest annual charge will help to make sure that the concessionary travel scheme is sustainable long term. It will also generate money we can invest back into public transport.

“We’re running a widespread campaign about the introduction of the £10 charge to ensure as many people as possible are informed, but if you know someone of pension-age, please check they know about this change.”

To find out more, please visit

Right, who is up for the The Who at the Manchester Arena in March? Meet you at the tram stop!

Please help spread the word and let anyone who isn’t TAMG reader yet know about the change.


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