Beer prices set to jump 30 pence in pubs across the country

You could soon be paying noticeably more for a drink down the pub, as beer prices are set to rise by 30 pence per pint.

A poll by the Morning Advertiser found that eight in ten pubs have already raised their prices or plan to do so because of rising costs. These include higher wages, as well as energy and supply shortages.

Yesterday, The Times reported that pub owners are appealing to Chancellor Rishi Sunak to freeze the alcohol duty rate amid fears the £6 pint could become commonplace in the centre of England.

Drinks wholesalers Matthew Clark and Bibendum are reportedly due to hike prices by between 3.5 and 5 per cent next month.

Will the humble pub soon be too expensive?

A spokesman for the companies, which are owned by the C&C Group, told The Times: “As our industry recovers from the pandemic, the pressure on UK and global supply chains has added increased cost and complexity.”

This comes as the hospitality industry struggles to recruit staff.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that there were 134,000 empty roles in the ‘accommodation and food services sector’ between July and September 2021.

This is a 59% increase from January to March 2020, the last period before the pandemic hit.

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