Beware of the Boggarts

Beware of the Boggarts they come in the night

To lure away travellers with flickering lights

Beware of the Boggarts, I’m telling you straight

They’re out in the darkness – they’re lying in wait

Beware of the Boggarts, come down from the moors

to peep through your windows and scratch at your doors

Beware of the Boggarts, my children, beware

They snap at your heels and they snatch at your hair

Beware of the Boggarts, they’re shape-shifters too

When you look in the mirror – are you looking at you?

Beware of the Boggarts, they’re out on the prowl

When darkness draws in and the wind starts to howl.

Beware of the Boggarts, with mutters and moans,

They’ll eat you for supper and spit out the bones.

Beware of the Boggarts, they stay in your head

And come out to play when you’re lying in bed

Beware of the Boggarts – take heed of my verse

Or that bump in the night might be something far worse…….

By Carole Odgen



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