Members of the British Motorcycle Preservation Society (BMPS) – Manchester – have spent the past two years organising numerous events to raise money in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Stalybridge Motorcycle Club, Nite Owls Scooter Club, and the Globe Café Cowboys have also supported them with donations.

The BMPS took on the challenge to raise both awareness and funds for a charity that is close to their hearts and that has affected not only some of their members but their extended family too.

The BMPS meet at The Sycamore Inn, Stalybridge, and it operates more like a cooperative than a hierarchy, with all members having their say on which charity they will be supporting each year, and Alan Coates takes on the mantle of carrying out their wishes, overseeing various fundraising events.

Alan is not alone in his endeavours; all the members of the group, plus a few trusted outsiders, are on hand to help out too. However, he wants to particularly mention Bob Taylor and Martin Abbott, who have gone that extra mile in supporting him.

Alan explains: “I have been involved in charity fundraisers since 2008 and to date, we have raised between thirty to thirty-five thousand pounds for deserving causes.

“We normally choose a charity collectively based on the members own experiences either directly or indirectly through family and friends.

“In respect of Prostate Cancer UK, some of our members have either had prostate cancer, or are presently going through it, so it’s something that is personal to us.

“We fundraise for a different charity each year, but with Covid-19 restrictions hitting our efforts hard in 2020, we decided to continue for a second year with this one. We should be back on track next year though.”

Alan also has the full support of his wife, Pauline, who said: “I am really proud of the charity work that Alan has done over the past 13 years, and with Bob, Martin, and the society that have achieved great things to help others in need. Well done to all.”

Martin also added: “We started going to classic bike shows raising funds for charity during the summer, travelling as far as Yorkshire and Shropshire, and it’s just snowballed from there.”

Bob Taylor is well known in motorcycling circles and co-author, with his good friend Lesley Ingram, of a book titled ‘Bypass Cowboy: the Life & Legend of Bonneville Bob’. He is very proud to support the BMPS fundraisers and can often be seen spinning the decks at their fundraising events.

Bob explains why he is so passionate about this particular charity: “I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2019, and had my prostate removed by robotic surgery the same year by Mr Tang from Stepping Hill.

“After talking with Mr Tang I realised that the only way to reduce the number of those dying through prostate cancer was by funding more research, and early diagnosis, which is why I suggested to Alan that Prostate Cancer UK should be on our radar as a worthy cause for fundraising.

“Once it was agreed that we would support Prostate Cancer UK, it was all systems go until Covid hit. When we could all mix again I secured venues at the Globe Café and Dukinfield Rugby Club to put on Rock ‘n’ Roll 50s and 60s events raising money through entry tickets, auctions and raffles.

“Helping us at our fundraising events is Lesley Smith, aka ‘The Terminator’, who always homes in on her target and won’t release them until they have bought a raffle ticket! Lesley is ex-service and is as determined in this role as she was in the armed forces.”

Alan added: “With this fundraiser, I was contacted by Amazon Smile, who suggested their charity shopping scheme, where they donate to your favourite charitable organisation for every sale, at no cost to the purchaser. To date, this has resulted in over £9000 going directly to Prostate Cancer UK. Further sales through Facebook and Ebay have added around £300 to this too. So, with the cheque today for £2935 and other fundraisers totalling around £3000, the final amount that will go directly to Prostate Cancer UK is almost £16000. A fantastic achievement and well worth the effort that everyone has put in – I applaud you all, and thank you so much.”

Cheque presentation at The Globe Cafe, Dukinfield

Attending the cheque presentation for Prostate Cancer UK at the Globe Café, Dukinfield, on Saturday 20 November, was two local MPs, Jonathan Reynolds (Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale & Dukinfield) and Andrew Gwynne (Denton & Reddish), as well as many of the BMPS fundraisers and supporters.

Andrew Gwynne stated: “I’m absolutely delighted to be here to support Alan and the BMPS team on their amazing fundraising efforts for Prostate Cancer UK. What a fantastic achievement for such a great cause. This is Tameside and Greater Manchester at its best!”

Jonathan Reynolds followed by saying: “This is an absolutely tremendous achievement – a huge sum of money raised that will make a real difference. We all need to do more to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and the British Motorcycle Preservation Society are leading the way.”

The Globe, as it’s affectionately known, has been a keen supporter of the BMPS over the years, both in hosting events, and adding to the amount raised. The café is a mother and son affair, Juliet and Lee, and it’s also the starting point for the monthly motorbike rides organised by Bob Taylor. Juliet said: “Here at the Globe Café we are very lucky to have the support of the bikers and we have been involved in numerous charity events through the years. Prostate cancer affects so many and we are delighted to do anything we can to help.” Son Lee added: “We are happy to be involved in the fundraising for prostate cancer, this is something that is very dear to my heart.”

There is no doubt that raising money for charity forms part of the DNA of all involved at the BMPS and with Alan, Bob and Martin at the helm this is sure to continue for many years.

Finally, Alan adds: “Next up for us in 2022 is the Alzheimer’s Society, again, a charity close to our hearts, or should I say Minds! Let’s hope we get a good run at this one and avoid any more lockdowns!”

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