Boomers to zoomer: Writers group embrace tech in lockdown to produce a book

Boomers to Zoomers – A Salford writers’ group took on tech challenges to meet weekly online during the pandemic and has now created a book called ‘Memories Unlocked’

The SWit’CH group (Swinton Writers in t’Critchley House) publishes an anthology every year but there was such enthusiasm for writing during lockdown and an abundance of childhood memories to share that the 2021 edition grew into a book.

Despite not being able to meet in person, the group of boomers embraced technology to become zoomers so they could still hold their meetings.

Bill Cameron, who set up SWit’CH, said: “It quickly became apparent that people were finding comfort, even catharsis, in relating their childhood memories, which had the unexpected bonus of bonding members closer due to shared, lived experiences.

“Tales of childhood memories from the members mainly come from the northwest of England, but new members also brought insights of being raised in Italy, Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Pacific Islands.

“Nature notes, plane crashes, sex education, walking home after dances, recall of places totally changed form part of the mischief, mayhem, and misadventures of our younger selves. We hope that the book will spark other people’s childhood memories and we hope that people will enjoy the stories as much as we enjoyed writing them.”

SWit’CH members also read and record their work for inclusion in the monthly magazine for the visually impaired at Salford Talking News.

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