I was told that when I was born you wanted a Drum,

And when I came along all you did was run,

You eventually accepted that I was here to stay,

And we spent many hours at play.


But when you went to school,

I was left as alone as a fool,

With only Floss to play with me,

Until it was time for tea.


When we were together again,

Even though I was sometimes a pain,

I don’t remember fighting with you,

And you with me too.


When I started school,

I thought it was cool,

Who needs a brother,

When you will always have a mother?


Holidays were there to enjoy,

But all you wanted was your favourite toy,

Work came along and we went our separate ways,

Not seeing each other for days and days.


We always think Mum and Dad will live forever,

But now we know they never,

And when these sad times are here,

I know I had nothing to fear.


You would be there just as if you had never been away,

To help me through each day,

I hope that when you are enjoying life and having fun,

You were glad you got me and not a Drum.

– Bob Alston

Bob Alston
Tameside reporter, website and magazine designer and editor.


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