Can you get all the questions right to this Greater Manchester Quiz?

Born and bred? Call yourself a local? Let’s put your knowledge to the test with this Greater Manchester based quiz!

Q1. How many Ashtons are there in Greater Manchester?

Q2. How many world cup winners are there on the statue in Ashton under Lyne?

Q3. What have these football players in common – Terry Cooke, John Gidman, Andrei Kanchelskis and Andy Cole?

Q4. Which Manchester school celebrated 350 years since it started in 1965?

Q5. Which Ashton has the oldest church?

Q6. Where is the world’s first English speaking public library?

Q7. Where did Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels meet and write the Communist Manifesto?

Q8. Where was the first free public library in England and when was it opened?

Q9. Which was the first building in Manchester to be built with electric lighting?

Q10. Which is the oldest girls school in Greater Manchester?

St Peter’s Church, Tameside.


A1. There are 3 – Ashton under Lyne, Ashton in Makerfield and Ashton upon Mersey

A2. There are 3 – Jimmy Armfield, Geoff Hurst and Simone Perotta

A3. They all played for Manchester City and Manchester United…

A4. Manchester Grammar School, which started next to Manchester Parish Church (now the Cathedral) in 1515 as a free school

A5. Ashton under Lyne in 1262

A6. Chethams in Manchester, founded in 1653

A7. Chethams Library in the summer of 1845

A8. Salford in November 1850

A9.  John Rylands Library in 1900 – it also had a special air filtration system to prevent the valuable books from being destroyed by the Manchester air which was full of soot and noxious chemicals

A10. Manchester high School for girls 1874

How many did you get right?


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