Thank you to Salford writer, Jo Williams, for sharing this poem to celebrate Carers Week. For more information on Carers Week, click here

She does a brilliant job of managing

as I can be rather challenging.

My hearing isn’t always defective

it can often be selective.

My forgotten dentures grin from the glass

she doesn’t mind, we both just laugh.

And she always discretely chooses

to ignore my many bodily noises.

My teeth, my feet, my joints, my bowels

anyone else would throw in the towel!


She takes me to my medical appointments

massages my limbs and applies my ointments.

She reminds me when I forget

and soothes me when I fret.

Caring is not just words, its action

and it comes from real compassion.

I thank with just a look, a squeeze of the hand

that’s all she needs, she understands.

She is the best of medicines, the finest of drugs,

not on prescription, given with love.


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