Our Talking about My Generation Top of the Pops with Carole Ogden

You have probably already guessed it but our newsroom is filled with music fans, so we now have our very own Top of the Pops series.

Sharing the tracks of her years this week is our Bolton reporter, Carole Ogden.

She said: “Unluckily for my friends and family I have an encyclopedic memory for song lyrics and I can only really enjoy the music if I can sing along with it. Probably why I am not mad on jazz or classical!

“Like most people I could list dozens, probably, and I felt awful leaving some out, but with great difficulty, I managed to list ten songs/artists that I really love and that have a special place in my life and heart, in no particular order.”

We would love to know what would make your ultimate Top of the Pops. Send us your top ten tracks and we will publish them at changingtherecord@gmail.com

Carole’s Top Ten:

Mary’s Prayer, Danny Wilson: I bought their album on the strength of this song and played it on a loop. They are better than just a one-hit wonder.

He’s Misstra Know-It-All, Stevie Wonder

Motown music was the soundtrack to my early teens, so really hard to choose one artist or song, but this is just so wonderful and evocative.

Flower Duet, Lakmé Delibes/Mady Mesplé

Sadly rather over-used in adverts a few years back, but this particular version is jaw-droppingly beautiful. There’s something about a certain pitch/note that can somehow touch your heart.

See my Baby, Jive Wizzard

A stunning, feel-good pop song, it has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. I can’t help but smile from the opening note.

Black Money, Culture Club

Boy George was my idol for a long time and he had the most incredible tone to his voice, which comes out particularly well in this song.

Shine, Years & Years

Another song that makes me really happy. I played the album non-stop, and it’s still top of my phone’s most-played list.

Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Ramones

Not necessarily my favourite song of theirs, and obviously more commercial than most, but this was a game-changer for me. I first heard it as a 16-year-old, on a Saturday afternoon, sitting on a bag of dog biscuits at my part-time job.

Homeward Bound, Simon & Garfunkel

This duo has been around forever and I have always loved their music, which has brought me a great deal of pleasure but also helped me through some very dark days.

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies, Panic! At the Disco

Controversial maybe, but I had never heard of a young band who wrote lyrics like this. The concept album is not my thing but this was so different from anything I had ever heard before and blew me away with its energy, intelligence, and originality.

I Want it That Way, Backstreet Boys

This is a no-brainer – they are legends. I got to see them in concert twice after they made a comeback. I have fond memories of having this on loud in the car with my teenage daughter and her friends, and us all singing along!



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