Meeting local author Stan Price: Planes, Trains and Computers

Our reporter Alan catches up with local author Stan Price who has released a book all about his wide and fascinating career path!

Can you remember your schooldays?

Who have you sat next to in class?

Where did they end up and what did they do?

Are they famous or did they change the world as we know it?

Well, if you were fortunate enough to have the 50’s/60’s as your schooldays and you knew a lad called Stan Price, then one of the above is true.

Stan came from a working-class background in Lower Crumpsall, Manchester but he demonstrated an intellect far above his years at an early age, he passed the 11 plus a year earlier than normal.

His academic life through Kings, London was as a graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

This begins an astounding list of achievements where his interest in Information Technology comes to the fore and makes an amazing contribution in many fields.

If asked the link between the Ministry of Defence, Rolls Royce, Federal Aviation Authority, Telephone & Internet ticket sales, children’s multimedia learning, I.T. help with bullying, your clothing sizes, converging road charges devices with traffic signals, ANPR and vehicle occupancy levels, to name just a few of an astounding list … could you name the link?

Stan is the link with involvement, oversight, supervision and organisation into these and many other projects too numerous to list.

He has spoken to esteemed audiences the world over, appeared as expert witness in court cases, been consulted by government departments and agencies not just in the UK, travelled in luxury by corporate jet, been consulted by agencies which are everyday names and was involved in the adoption by the UK of the USA En-route Air Traffic Control computer system.

Whilst undertaking his roles Stan still found time for his love of other things trains, Manchester City, classical music, cricket and later in life his ultimate soulmate Rosemary.

This was a working-class lad whose career started off running the tea trolley on British Rail trains and ended up at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

But did they really have to change the short inside leg from 29in to 30in?

If you knew him put your hand up, better still let us know your memories.

Want a read of Planes, Trains and Computers? 

Purchase from Waterstones.

Available on Ebay.

Stan Price 2021 ISBN 978–1–80227–125-6


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