Chorlton Bike Deliveries gets new age-friendly Trishaw

Chorlton Bike Deliveries, a local organisation that was set-up in the midst of the pandemic to offer a safe way to deliver food and essentials to those vulnerable in the community, have got their hands on a new piece of kit.

The group has been able to purchase a trishaw, which they’ve nicknamed Teresa, and are now affiliated with Cycling Without Age, a global network aimed at helping elders and less mobile people get out to ‘feel the wind in their hair’.

The oldest passenger on the Cycling Without Age project in the UK is 108 year old Edith Green from Bournemouth.

Co-founder of Chorlton Bike Deliveries Glynis Francis said: “Their smiles say it all. We plan to stimulate interest among families and care agencies in the South Manchester, train up some pilots and get Teresa Trishaw helping bring smiles to the miles.

“In the long run it would be great if Teresa had a few brothers and sisters!”

Glynis, 68, is also the voluntary Bicycle Mayor of Manchester and wants to work on improving tricycle access access to areas in South Manchester.”

Chorlton Bike Deliveries hopes to get their hands on a second Trishaw as soon as possible and and train up more volunteer pilots to provide trips out for people.

The group, twenty active volunteers strong, are still working hard to pick up unsold food from supermarkets and deliver it to local projects and food banks, as well as delivering meals straight to residents who need it.

They are currently celebrating Bike Week, which runs from June 6-12 and are encouraging as many people as possible to enjoy their community by bike.

For more information about Chorlton Bike Deliveries visit their website or check out their video below.

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