Christmas 2020 in Our Place

Hark how Our Place rings

A chance to celebrate good news

Vaccines have been discovered

And after 9 months of lock down

We look forward to Christmas with loved ones

And hope for the future in Our Place


Will Santa come on his sleigh

with Rudolph leading the way

Can he be mithered to visit

Our Place

This coming Christmas day


Is Santa now only on Zoom

Will this coming Christmas be virtual

Or real

for all of us 

seated round tables groaning 

with food and drink and laughter

In Our Place


During lockdown the sleigh has been fettled and

the elves have been busy 

making loadsa dead good gifts

for everyone young and old

At the North Pole


Whistling while they worked

noshing on chip barms

washed down with brews

Good news indeed

For Our Place


Christmas will have carols holly

thanks and blessings to all

there will be presents under the tree

Santa “has indeed been”

to Our Place


Time to look forward to new pastures

the hope of vaccines for all


Spring in Our Place

longer days and the sun shining down

on bees buzzing

In Our Place


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