Christmas Markets 2021 in Our Place

The Christmas Markets are back

not in Albert Square

no Zippy outside the Town Hall

instead a new hub in Piccadilly Gardens

the Winter Gardens


With a Giant Santa

and a Christmas light trail

wooden huts and festive cheer

lots of goodies everywhere

people mingling


Ice skating in Cathedral gardens

Porky Pig and Yorkshire Pudding wraps

Traders stalls as well in

Market Street, King Street

Exchange Square and St Ann’s Square


Stalls across our city offering

Greek gyros, Dutch frites and stroopwafel

hot cookie dough, fried chicken and other goodies

gluhwein, local ales and gin

food and drink a gogo


And others selling Christmas gifts

hand made items

jewellery, toys and

special delicacies

from local and afar


Children with their eyes open wide

parents and grand parents smiling

couples hand in hand, friends together

strolling around

enjoying the sights, smells and sounds


Enjoying the Christmas Markets

across the city

young and old alike

full of festive joy and warmth

for each other

In Our Place

– Pauline Smith


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