Creative writing adventures: Writing the park

Our reporter Gill James has been keeping herself busy with creative writing exercises. As we ease out of lockdown, you may find yourself out and about more often. Join in with the writing adventures!

There are a lot of urban green spaces in Greater Manchester such as huge well-known ones like Heaton Park or Buile Park.

You can find sixty handy ones here. Then there are the smaller local ones, right on your doorstep.

Do you prefer woodland walks or open fields?

Observing the park

Taka trip to a local park. Have your trusty notebook or phone with you. Wander around for twenty minutes or so and then find somewhere to sit and take the time to jot down all of the things you’ve noticed. Remember to use all of your senses. Here are some things you may have observed:

· Two people chatting and putting the world to rights

· The squeaky wheel of a pushchair

· The thwack of a tennis ball on a tennis racquet

· The smell of recently cut grass

· The taste of fresh hot coffee from the café

· A delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream

· Flowers in bloom – maybe a floral clock or another regimented arrangement?

· The buzz of bees amongst the flowers

· Children splashing in the water

· The pitter-patter of a small dog trotting alongside its owner

Writing the park

You might like to complete your wring here or wait until you get home. Here are some suggestions of how you can turn your collection of ideas into writing.


Turn the words you’ve collected into haiku: three lines, one five syllables, the second seven syllables and the final one five syllables.

Or try an acrostic poem. Write the name of your park down the side of a piece of paper or your screen. Now write sentences about the park, each one starting with one of the letters. Here’s an example!

Here people glory in the sun

Excited for freedom at last

Always loving the fresh air

Etc…this might be the beginning of one about Heaton Park.


Heaton Park, Manchester

Tell a story

What are their stories?

· The young mother and child, feeding the ducks

· The two teenagers playing tennis

· The two men, dressed for a game of bowls

· The smartly dressed businessman striding across the park

· The man who’s sweeping up the leaves


Write out an imaginary conversation between two characters you’ve seen in the park. What do they find out about each other? Do they learn something new? Does this encounter change them?

Happy writing!

We would love to see your work, so send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll publish them. 


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