Desert Island

If you were on an island would you be able to survive,

Would you know how to look after yourself so that you could thrive.

You couldn’t take your phone because there isn’t any WIFI,

Nobody could get in touch, however much they’d try.

Would this be your ideal dream or maybe your worst nightmare,

You’d have enough jobs to do and soon you wouldn’t care.

Making yourself a shelter is the thing you need to do,

Making it secure so at night you’re not wet through.

There won’t be a McDonalds, a chippy or KFC,

You’re probably having something you’ve caught out of the sea.

Could you start a fire by rubbing together two sticks,

It won’t be as easy as striking a match and there won’t be any bricks.

If you found you liked it you might just want to stay,

But then again you might be ready to come back after one day.

by Debbie Williams


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