Do we care and deja vu? 

The energy crisis in the 70s

with no stocks of coal

and dismal leadership

power cuts and a 3 day week

petrol price increase 40 times in 1day

bringing panic and recession in the UK


The energy crisis now

with no stocks of gas

poor leadership again

energy prices doubled

long queues for petrol and diesel

shortages on the shelves

panic and deja vu in the UK


Do we care now, did we care then?

about climate change

scorching summers

floods and fires

all over our world

what will happen to us?


Covid and Spanish Flu

many millions dead

deniers and non mask wearers both times

100 years ago it targeted the young

now it targets the old

deja vu in our world


From the ashes

50 years ago we broke the mould

will we break it again

or is reality telly and junk food

enough for the people

in Brexit Britain


Can our hopes rise

as we face climate change

who will show the way

or is it down to us

as ordinary folk

in Brexit Britain


And in Manchester

Our Place that we all love

Can we make it whole again

with love and care

fulfilling our hopes

in Our Place


Will ordinary people

make the difference to climate change

young and old together

with common goals

bringing progress and hope

in Our Place

– Pauline Smith


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