Down The Aisle

You walked me down the aisle in church and gave my hand to John,

I’m grateful that you did this, because he’s my number one.

We followed in your footsteps and copied what you’d become,

Our aim was a happy marriage, just like you and mum.

I found myself the very best man that was sent to me by fate,

We’re still together to do this day, my husband and my soulmate.

He took your place when he held my hand and gripped it really tight,

But you didn’t mind one bit, you knew he was Mr Right.

You’re not here now but I know if you were, you’d have the biggest grin,

You were there at the start though, to watch our story begin.

You’ve left me in the best of hands that there could ever be,

I know we’ll be together until eternity.

by Debbie Williams


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