Exchanging cultures at Trafford event

This article was produced by Dorretta Maynard and Brian Turner.

Exchanging cultures and embracing community was the agenda of the day at the Claremont Resource Centre in Hulme on Tuesday 25 January.

The centre, home to The African Caribbean Care Group, put on a fun day of food, music and activities, with the help of the Hong Kong Cultural Community.

Both Caribbean and Chinese delicacies where shared – Jerk chicken, turnip cake, fried salt fish, plantain and much more was enjoyed by the whole room – for some, a first try of such dishes.

Dennis from the ACCG tucks into some saltfish fritters

Attendees were delighted with performances by a band who recently moved to Greater Manchester from Hong Kong, a band with no name. They say that they are working on it, and are using music to help them reflect on both their old life and their new beginnings here.

Daisy, the singer of the group, told us: “It has been a very sad year. Many people left Hong Kong because if we stayed, we faced jail. Some people left because they didn’t want their children to grow up there.

“They have had to start again in another country, no matter how far they had to go.

‘No name’ band from Hong Kong. Daisy (middle) shared a selection of songs with us

“It is a common thing to say goodbye in Hong Kong – which inspired one of our songs. It means stay well until we meet again.”

They also put on some special activities which included chopstick lessons and a calligraphy workshop to get everyone involved in trying something new.

Dorothy Evens, Chief Executive of the African Caribbean Care Group said: “We just wanted to bring people together so that they could share their experiences. It helps to give people a different outlook and the music has livened the room.

“It’s been a wonderful day and we would definitely do this again.”

Dennis regularly attends events at the care group and added: “Today was very interesting and it was great to compare foods – our sources of life!”

Check out our video here:

For more information about the ACCG head over to their website.


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