Freedom Day in Our Place

Monday 19th July

will you feel free

will you be frightened to use the bus or tram

or visit the supermarket

on Freedom Day in Our Place?


Are you vulnerable

many of us are

many of us have struggled

to stay safe during

the last 18 months with

3 waves of Covid in Our Place


Will you still wear a mask on

Freedom Day or Freedumb Day

what if you are pinged?

unlike those in Downing Street

who ignore the rule of 3 and do U turns

unlike ordinary folk in Our Place


Is freedom an illusion

Covid doesn’t care does it

Me – I will be cautious on July 19th and after

staying safe

In our Place

By Pauline Smith


  1. I haven’t actually noticed any increase in freedom, I haven’t noticed any changes and I don’t understand how this so called freedom manifests itself. I feel my freedoms have been permanently eroded and I am very angry.


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