Greater Manchester Environment Fund secures £100,000 to help local nature recover

The Greater Manchester Environment Fund (GMEF) has been awarded £100,000 of funding from the government to help look after and restore nature across the region.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has granted the funds to help assist GMEF with its mission of restoring peatland habitats, which will transform them into carbon stores. 

Peatlands are a type of wetland that are among the most valuable ecosystems on Earth.

Damaged peatlands produce greenhouse gas emissions, therefore restoring them is a critical step that environmental organisations use towards addressing climate change.

The land is also critical for preserving biodiversity, as well as being used to minimise flood risk.

The GMEF is the UK’s first regional environmental impact fund and was created in partnership with The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North MerseysideThe Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Finance Earth to help address local environmental issues.

Earlier this year, the Lancashire Wildlife Trust was successful in securing £1.8million from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund to establish the Greater Manchester Environment Fund, which also promises to provide 37 safeguarded jobs and 12 traineeships.

Resma Patel, Project Manager of Greater Manchester Environment Fund, said: “Greater Manchester’s peatlands are not only key habitats for rare and endangered species, but they are also vital in helping us to fight climate change and reduce the risk of flooding.

“Sadly, they are under threat, only 2% of lowland peatland habitat is left in the North West.

“We are delighted to have received £100,000 from Defra as part of the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund to help us transform our precious peatlands. It’s crucial that we invest in our natural world and help nature in Greater Manchester to recover and thrive.”



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