20 hours with L.S Lowry

In August 1967, Angela Bogg started work at the University of Salford. In the middle of the campus was the Salford Art Gallery, which housed and extensive collection of paintings and drawings by Laurence Stephen Lowry.

Angela gave a talk about the Lowry tapes at Chorlton Good Neighbours History group via Zoom. Unfortunately, she was recently diagnosed with cancer and died on Wednesday August 3 2022.

This acts as a tribute to her work and her ability to tell a good story…

Angela said: “I didn’t know much about Lowry at that time but spent many lunchtimes in the Gallery and got to love his work.

“I was fortunate to meet the Director of the Art Gallery and asked him if he could arrange for me to meet Mr Lowry as I wanted to write about him.

“Lowry agreed and then I embarked on a series of visits to his home in Mottram. This was 1972 when I was 27.

“I borrowed a reel to reel tape recorder and so my visits began. Mr Lowry who was born in 1887 was then 85. I continued seeing him until early 1976, just before he died in February, aged 88.

“I recorded over 20 hours of conversations about his life and thoughts. As you’ll hear in the extracts he often spoke tongue in cheek and was very guarded about certain aspects of his life.

“He was a very private person. Somehow, he seemed to enjoy my company as indeed he did young women in.”

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