How many of these Manc sayings do you use? Part 2

The Manchester dialect is one of a kind, with the remnants of its industrial past making it still so distinctive to this day! Which of these local sayings do you use?

Put wood int ‘ole – shut that door!

Fish, chips and peas with pea wet fish, chips and peas with the water they’re cooked in

Sat like a piffy on a rock sat waiting for someone to arrive

My stomach thinks my throat’s been cut – I’m hungry!

Dicky mint – a bit strange

Go for a mooch –  go on a walk

Down our end – where we live

I’m sweating cobs – I’m really hot

Haven’t the foggiest – I haven’t got a clue

Corporation pop – tap water

That’s bobbins – That’s not very good

Bob on – That’s correct

Piece of cake – easy

Crack on – get on with it

Bang out of order – not right

Playing whalley – playing football against the wall

Use your swede – use your head

Telling chinnies – telling lies

Pots fer rags – silly

Our kid – close friend/ sibling 

Lothert – very warm

Give yer ‘ed a wobble – have a rethink

Your hair is full o’ lugs your hair is very knotted

Let us know which ones we’ve missed in the comments and check out our guide to Manc words and more on Mancunian Rhyming Slang!


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