Hyde family business supports frontline staff with free PPE face shields

A Hyde family business has supplied frontline key workers with 2000 PPE face shields to date – to support the community.

Brother and sister Derek Herford and Julie Warden have been running manufacturing company Imago since 1986 – but when lockdown went into force Julie had to stop work to support their parents, and Derek found that business stopped – as organisations they work with had to temporarily close down.

He decided to put a message out on Hyde Community Facebook group to say the company could supply PPE face shields to frontline key workers free of charge, and he was inundated with responses – now working seven days a week to meet demand.

The 58-year-old said: “When we put the message out on Facebook it went wild, we had so many requests.

“I am now working seven days a week to keep up the supply for nurses, doctors, chemists, taxi drivers, police officers, care home workers, and much more.

“My brother, Darren, has also come on board, and while I make the PPE face shields, he will then go out and deliver then.

“The way our machinery works means we can produce a high quantity of PPE quickly, as it is laser cut, so we will carry on until we run out of supplies.

“It has taken over our lives, but we feel very happy to help, with supplies being requested as far as north Wales. We just want people to keep on doing what they are doing safely.

“The fact that we have done the face shields free of charge means anyone working within the NHS or any other large organisation has directly been able to order them without the need to go to their managers – no red tape or budget considerations – so hopefully this has been a big help. We have even made them in rainbow colours.”

Imago manufactures bespoke products from ring binders, packaging, menu covers, signage, document tender solutions, corporate re-branding to the umbrella for the Aston Martin car.

Derek added: “We have been in business for 34 years and are now gearing up towards retirement, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the business world with recessions – but nothing like what is happening now. It is a very strange time.”

For more information on Imago go to: http://www.imago-direct.com/

Pictured – Derek on the left and Darren on the right.


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