International Women’s Day: Meet Bola Olayemi from Ceebee Gold Foundation

When we hear the word ‘gold’ we think of the most precious nugget; solid; beautiful; just to name a few. And those words can also describe the founder of Ceebee Gold Foundation, Bola Olayemi.

The foundation reaches out to the fatherless, motherless, disabled children in a unique way and run educational programmes for orphans, widows, vulnerable and less privileged people.

Bola, from Openshaw in Manchester, started the foundation back in 2014. She felt that the little she could do to help those in need would make a difference to the world and since then the foundation is growing.

The team of volunteers work on many different projects within the community, from exercise classes and food delivery to the most vulnerable. Bola believes that together we can bring smiles to the world.


I asked her what motivates her with the foundation and her answer is nothing short of inspirational.

She said: “I believe that everybody has the right to enjoy life. In respect of age and gender, myself and the team are ready to brighten the dark side of the earth by giving hope to where it’s lost.”

Bola listens to music and likes to workout regularly when she is not working with the foundation, she added: “It helps me control my stress levels and helps me to relax my body and mind.”

Bola runs Ceebee Gold from home and finds it difficult to create a clear divide between work and personal life, therefore she is working on this issue. Bola’s plans are to hopefully have their own place of work within the next few years. 

I asked Bola how she copes with any mental health issues creeping in with such a busy lifestyle and what advice can she give to anyone out there that may need a bit of a positive boost. With a big smile on her face Bola replied; “There is strength in numbers, especially emotional strength, which you’ll need at some stage to help you keep standing up for yourself and other women. Try to build a strong network at work and in your personal life and most important, stay in touch.”

Bola believes that we should all be lifelong learners in our personal life and love life, and that we should trust our instincts. She explains: “Follow your heart, but always take your brain with you. Surround yourself with positive people.”

Another nugget of advice from Bola is to “choose your friends wisely”.


Bola is very proud of her birth country, Nigeria, and the foundation helps the good people there too. Bola said: “It’s very important to me to help the needy in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, my goal within the next ten years is to successfully expand to more cities in the UK and in Africa. I want to obtain more certificates that are related to my position, touching faces with a smile, I believe everybody has the right to enjoy life.”

I wanted to know what this amazing woman’s views were on International Women’s Day and how important it is to recognise March 8. Bola says, “International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the many positive changes that have happened. To still create equality while committing ourselves more to the necessary structural and social changes needed to make full equality of opportunities possible.”

I hope you agree with myself that Bola Olayemi is a golden nugget and her foundation is going in the right direction to put more smiles on people’s faces.

If anybody wishes to join the foundation in the UK or Nigeria please call the organisation, in the UK call: 07438283306 or Nigeria call: 08058254401.

Bola had time to take part in my quick-fire game, ‘This or That’…

Tea or Coffee – Tea

Aerobics or Yoga – Yoga

Long walk or Pub – Long walk

Book or e-reader – Book

Beach or City break – Beach

Vinyl or Downloads – Downloads

Horror or Comedy – Comedy


Cats or Dogs – Dogs

Early bird or Night owl – Early bird

And finally…What is your favourite season? – Summer


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