New podcast builds community of females still bossing it in business

Businesswoman Una Cottrell has launched a new podcast to connect career-focused women who are showing no signs of stopping after decades in their chosen careers.

After 20 years in the marketing industry – including being the driving force behind content company Authentic – Una started her own podcast, “45. Not Out”, to share inspirational stories of women aged over 45 who are still bossing it in business.

The idea to launch her own podcast was inspired by Una’s own experiences of working in the marketing industry and feeling like her years of valuable experience were dismissed by some.

Una, from Holmes Chapel, said: “As a small business owner, I attend a lot of networking events within the creative sector and meet many start-up entrepreneurs – and I felt like I didn’t get taken seriously.

“The whole reason I set up the podcast is to cultivate a community of women out there who keep their mouths shut after having similar experiences to me – I want to pull them out of the woodwork and for them to know they’re not alone. We need to share our stories.”

After visiting the Pods Up North conference in November 2019, Una was determined to use the mode of podcasting to reach “women in this demographic who experience the same as me, feel the same and may have been faced with barriers in terms of being sidelined for promotion.”

Since launching in January this year, Una has interviewed women – from Dragon’s Den survivor and tech expert, Naomi Timperley to ex-dancer turned mentor, Tessa Medina-Rios – and has had scores of listeners telling her they “no longer feel like the only ones” – as well as men who “get it” and have referred Una to women who may be interested.

Una is now making a call-out to women who want to share their stories of pursuing or changing careers in mid-life and beyond. Get in touch with Una at [email protected]




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