Langworthy is blooming with new community garden

A new green space in Salford is being created to allow locals to enjoy nature and try something new.

Mountains of rubbish, plastic waste and soil have been removed from a plot of land in Langworthy, instead replaced with colourful flowers, shrubs, fruit and trees.

Before the team got to work (Photo courtesy of Langworthy Community Garden)

Langworthy Community Garden has been designed to give local residents a space to relax and unwind away from the hustle of the city and its busy roads.

Chris Barnes, 66, set up the garden after seeing the potential in the area, which is tucked away on Edmund Street, Salford.

Chris said: “We started by getting rid of all of the rubbish, mattresses, brambles. A group of us came together to do it. I decided that we should form a committee and we did.

“I was sat here one Sunday morning thinking, how do you let everyone know that there is going to be a garden? I thought, right, I’ll print off a leaflet and posted it around, saying there would be a meeting in a couple of hours time.

“24 people turned up – I was so surprised, shocked even that so many came. Salford CVS is helping us to make things official now. Different neighbours started coming to help us and then it just grew.”

(Photo courtesy of Paul Sherlock)

The garden also provides an opportunity for people to try their hand at some light gardening to help promote health, fitness and wellbeing, advised by horticultural expert Jonathan St. Clair.

What’s more, fresh fruits such as apples and strawberries will be grown in the garden and donated to local people who need it most.

Rapidly attracting good attention, the garden was even recently paid a visit by Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett and three councillors for Weaste & Seedley, Madeline Wade, Phil Cusack & Alexis Murora Shama.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Sherlock)

Chris added: “Everyone helped to welcome the visitors and some locals even spontaneously put on a buffet for them to enjoy. That really sums Salford up, doesn’t it!

“The major has suggested that we have a BBQ pit and pizza oven put in for locals to use, so hopefully at some point, we will have the funding to have that built.

“It’s just great to see names who have never spoken to each other, come out and chat together in our garden. The grandchildren come out to play too – they use the passcode ‘Wibbly Wobbly Way’ to get through. We are even having a sign built now with that on!

Drastic improvements are being made (Photo courtesy of Langworthy Community Garden)

“I have to say, it’s almost emotional to watch it grow and to see residents proud of the garden.”

For more information, please visit their Facebook page or email [email protected]


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