Light the Torch: Pride in Ageing after 3 Years

A special poem to celebrate the Pride in Ageing group three years after its formation in Greater Manchester.

50 thousand of us

Old and bold Old

and not so bold

We are those older LGBTQI+ people

across all ten boroughs in Manchester

In Our Place


In June 2019 we lit a new torch

to fight yet again

for our rights

what we see as core beliefs

Dignity, Compassion, Self Worth

In Our Place


We are everywhere

Your neighbour…

Your gran, your grandad

Your brother, sister

Your uncle, aunt

Your friend

In Our Place


Pride in Ageing is still about

Our self worth…

our inner being

We are 50 plussers

50 thousand strong

Determined and feisty

In Our Place


Do we want to be taken into care?

Not now..

Not yet

We have survived Covid 19

weary often lonely

but unbowed

In Our Place


And mostly….

we have avoided care homes

where discrimination lurks

always painful and vile

when you are LGBTQ+ and older

In Our Place


Who we really are is our mantra

Our self worth is our core

As we age gracefully or

not so gracefully in 2022

In Our Place


Can we be who are truly are,

And truly want to be

in our twilight years?

In Our Place


Back in 2019

we started something new

As oldies we lit that new torch

with the LGBT Foundation

and Barclays

In Our Place


Pride in Ageing its called

For a reason…..


As young people we fought

Just to be us…

with Pride

and at Prides

Demonstrating how we felt

About Section 28

and all the pernicious rules

In Our Place


We have survived Aids

We have survived discrimination

And hate

We have lit that torch again

In Our Place


And the flame still burns brightly

For all of us

We are yet again fighting

a government and its nasty stance

on conversion therapy in 2022

In Our Place


We are all against transphobia

and discrimination

towards all of us

in Greater Manchester’s inclusive

LGBTQI+ community

Its Our Place as well as yours


We will pass on

that special torch that

we lit in 2019

To those who come after us

All of us LGBTQI+ people

“Who take a walk on the wild side”

In Our Place


Yes …

We do all care

About our dignity, self worth

and compassion

In our older years

For all of us

And all those

Who come after.


Our Place – Greater Manchester

is special for all LGBTQI+ people

Its extra special for all of us

Who are older and bolder

We still fight for our rights

And want to live here in peace

With dignity and recognition

Its…Our Place


Find out more about Pride in Ageing here.

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