The Queen is like us, at least that’s what I think,

She may not be tied to the kitchen sink.

She’s a Mother and a Grandma and a Wife too,

She’s got her own problems, just like we do.

When Philip goes out I bet she’s a bag of nerves,

What if a dog runs out and the car he’s in swerves?

She worries about Andrew and the problems he brings,

Being in the papers and OTHER things.

I can’t tell you the names of her dogs, only that they’re Corgis,

I don’t think her or Philip take them for walkies.

Failed marriages and divorce seem to be a theme,

I don’t think these couples have worked as a team.

Her home is a palace and she sits on a throne,

I wonder if sometimes she wants to be alone.

Her title is Queen and it is what it is,

To her close friends and family, she’s simply known as “ Liz”.

by Debbie Williams


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