Lockdown Adventures: Making names and words into poems

Our reporter Gill James has been keeping herself busy with creative writing exercises during lockdown and wants you to join in with our new series Lockdown Adventures!

Over the next few weeks, there will be a different creative writing challenge set that can easily be done at home with just pen and paper or if you prefer straight on to your tablet or computer screen.

And we would love to see your work, so send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll publish them on our news site.

This week’s challenge is: Making names and words into poems

Gill says: “For this, you can use your name, the name of someone you like, or a place you like. You might have some old photographs and you could choose to use the name of one of the people in them. I’m using my name (Gillian) and that of my granddad (Arthur) – I have a lovely picture of him, my grandma and my mum outside their greengrocer’s shop. You write the names vertically down the side of your page and make up a sentence for each letter.”

Here are Gill’s poems for inspiration:


Grinning happily

In the magic of the evening

Liking all the jokes they tell me

Laughing gladly at the fun

I always like to hear their stories

Aren’t they super, all these people?

Now we know what folk can do.


Always cheerful

Ready for anything

Those were the days when he was with us

He had a good word for everyone

Unhurried always and chatting to all

Rays of sunshine all the way.

Extra ideas

Gill says: “What about trying the name of the street where you live? A favourite seaside place?  The title of a film or novel you’ve enjoyed? Or perhaps, once you’ve worked it all out, write it big and bold on a large piece of card or paper. You could use some attractive colours for this. If you can draw, make your own illustrations, or you could cut out pictures from a magazine. If you use a photograph for inspiration you could perhaps add this to your page. This could make a very attractive gift for someone. And you could at a later date perhaps get it framed.”


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