Mind Yer ‘Ed: How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Our latest podcast episode is a little different from our usual chat – this episode features an interview and a guided session with hypnotherapist Nikki Powell, who shares ‘try at home’ skills that we can all put into practice to help us deal with stressful situations.

Bolton reporter, Carole Ogden, organised the special feature having attended Nikki’s online meditation sessions during lockdown.

She said: “I learned a lot from Nikki about how the brain works, and found it really useful and easy to try the relaxation sessions at home.

“As readers will know from our Mind Yer ‘Ed series, we are concerned about the impact a second lockdown might have on people who may already be struggling.”

Nikki said: “I had a career change a few years ago and trained as a hypnotherapist – the power of the mind and how it can affect our emotions has always fascinated me.

“Now, I work with adults and children to offer practical strategies to help give them the skills that they can use to help themselves at home.”

Nikki works with adults and children of all ages to help them manage stress and their emotions and has written and published 2 children’s mediations books with her 10 year old daughter during lockdown which are both available on amazon and is currently working on book number 3 the books can be found on amazon here Amazon.co.uk

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