Mum, A poem inspired by looking out the window

When I look out of my window there’s no people.

It’s very quiet.

All I can hear is the birds.

We have a variety that come round here.

A lot of sparrows, magpies and blackbirds.

We’ve got a proper bird bath but they prefer to have a bath in the plastic tub!

And it’s the most beautiful sight first thing in the morning.

The loveliest thing. I can see a little angel with a heart.

My friend gave it to me just after I lost my mum.

So I put it in the garden because that was her sanctuary.

There are flowers – very delicate pink ones that come up every year.

Absolutely stunning. And Sweet William and Nasturtiums.

It’s a bit grey but it’s still bright from the sun.

We’ve had a shower. My view in three words? Tranquil. Still. Peaceful.

And I feel comforted cos my mum’s sanctuary is here – the greenhouse and the slate fountain.

And there’s Bonsais in a larger pot. The form of them is beautiful.

And Forget- me-Nots. That meant a lot to her.

– Lesley


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