My Body Hurts

Manchester-based poet Mark Quinn (otherwise known as The Mancunian Poet) has shared this exclusive poem with Talking About My Generation, which will be featured in his next book.

Of course my body hurts,

it tells me I’m alive

and ready to thrive

in the hectic world that is life.

I wake in the morning and hop out of bed,

I run down the stairs to where the cats are fed.

Then I do my stretches and touch my toes,

I go to the bathroom and blow my nose.

I get in the shower and on goes the tap,

I have no hair so no need for a shower cap.

I dry my arms, legs and feet,

then rush to the kitchen for a breakfast treat.

Of course my body hurts,

I’d have it no other way –

and anyway,

it’s here to stay.

Check out Mark’s feature article with Talking About My Generation here

To keep up with Mark, you can check out his blog here. He can also be found on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.


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