MyGen team enjoy night out at Matt and Phreds

Our team finally enjoyed a (very delayed) celebration together at Matt and Phreds in Manchester… and of course, in true MyGen style, our reporter Chris has whipped up a review of the evening! 

At last! On Sunday night April 24th the Talking About My Generation team were able to gather at Matt and Phreds jazz club in the Northern Quarter (recognition to our reporter Alan here, great recommendation mate) to celebrate freedom from covid, deferred and current birthdays, among other things.

Sadly, some of our cohort were unable to attend and they were missed. A My Generation flamingo stood proudly on stage promoting our efforts.

Matt and Phreds jazz club in the Northern Quarter

Celebrate proved to be the operative word. We were warmly welcomed by Kirsty and Grace on arrival and guided to our reserved tables. During the happy hour free pizzas were on offer with drinks purchased.

The music, Beatles, Abba and suchlike, was as loud as that first disco experience and none the worse for that, although it did make for a lot of ‘what did you say?’ conversations.

There was a palpable sense of happiness in the club and people were clearly intent on enjoying themselves without hurting others. The staff were all pleasant and friendly too.

A black clad guy then appeared on stage, obviously the Northern Soul afficionado who introduced himself as The Soul man and who, we assumed would simply take over the DJ duties replacing the previous traditional tunes with soul ones.

Taking a break from the dancefloor…

He tricked us though. He didn’t simple DJ he actually sang, beautifully, a full cannon of Tamla and Northern Soul hits. As well as a fabulous voice he also had a great and genial stage presence.

OMG. He knew his stuff. Classic hit followed classic hit…the Tops, the Supremes, the Temps, Solomon Burke, Jackie Wilson…

The dance floor ebbed and flowed in response to the various favourites and the TAMG people all did their part bopping and singing happily along with the stars. Leslie hardly left the floor, lost in the sounds and memories, ably supported by Christine.

During one session, to our cumulative surprise The Soul man announced that it was Dorretta’s 60th birthday to claps and cheers and, of course, a few bars of ‘Happy Birthday…’. Later she was sharing the mic with him belting out a song in her own right to more applause.

The whole team on the dancefloor!

Then The Soul man returned for his final set and ramped up the hits still further, reaching a climax with Frank Wilson’s ‘Do I love you?’.

Kirsty and Grace continue to force us out to edgy venues in unfamiliar parts of the city when we rather be at home watching Countryfile.

Speaking personally, however, my only criticism was that this wonderful occasion ended so early and wasn’t an ‘all-nighter’. Maybe next time girls?


  1. Maybe not an all-nighter but definitely would have welcomed more great music. It was great to share this ‘lost in music’ night with everyone singing along to every word, and sharing memories brought back by the sounds. I always take every opportunity to have a bop- and it seems the TAMG reporters feel the same. Here’s to the next one🕺💃🎶👏👏👏


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