New Facebook page celebrates Salford’s wildlife

Wildlife loving Salford residents have come together to share their photography, advice, and queries about wildlife around the city.

The Salford Wildlife Facebook page was set up by Volunteer Ranger Mike Faulkner, who wanted to bring the community together and has already reached 1200 followers in just a few months.

Mike, who has been volunteering for two years, said: “We want to celebrate, educate, appreciate and protect the wildlife within Salford.

“Some people have taken it up as a hobby and are really getting out there, taking photographs and videos. We have some regular contributors and I even know one chap who’s gone out of his way to get a better lens for his camera because of it!

“I hope that for those who can, they get out more and get more confident taking photos.”

Photography by Martin Sharp

The page also provides a space for the Salford Ranger Team, which are managed and funded by Salford City Council, to share information and upcoming events which they run- which have ‘gone virtual’ during lockdown.

The Ranger Team and their volunteers are responsible for conservation work across eight sites in Salford, such as Clifton Country Park and Worsley Woods Local Nature Reserve.

The Volunteer Rangers have been established since 2011 and continue to carry out crucial work in smaller numbers during lockdown, while maintaining social distancing rules.

Mike said: “A lot of the volunteers are retired, and a lot of them have been helping us a long time. They’re happy to help because they’re looking for something to do and it helps people to get out.

Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, says Mike has really tapped into people’s interest in spotting and photographing wildlife while they are out and about and sharing it with others.

He added: “It might be a cormorant drying its wings on the River Irwell or a hedgehog or birds that come into someone’s garden and it has helped many people discover new places in their city.

“Lockdown has been a great time for people to enjoy Salford’s many parks and green spaces and notice the wildlife around them and I hope that appreciation continues.”

Photograph by Tony Barrett

A virtual tree tour around Peel Park in Salford is being put on at the end of the month, and free online tickets can be found here.

Information about the Rangers and how to volunteer can be found on the Council Website, or they can be emailed directly at [email protected]





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