Easter and Springtime in Our Place

Green shoots springing up

and buds bursting forth

daffodils and tulips leaving their bulbs

blossoms on trees and leaves turning green


Easter is upon us

a time of renewal and thanks and hope

chocolate eggs hidden and being found

the bunny smiles at all the children of whatever age


New births and re-births

full of our hopes and dreams for our family and friends

giving them support and succour is key

in calls and messages to those dear to us and those alone


Sharing funny photos

and ones of new hatchlings

there are lambs in the fields I am led to believe

and first swallows seen swooping in blue skies


Butterflies soon will be fluttering

in the warmer breezes that uplift us all

bees start appearing looking for nectar

those potent symbols of “our place”


Where we stand together

in tolerance and compassion

as we care and support each other

across the ten boroughs of Manchester


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