Our poll says new Government message to “Stay Alert” is not clear

It is fair to say the change in messaging on lockdown from the Government this week has caused confusion amongst political leaders and the general public – not excluding our readers.

The messaging from ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay alert’ prompted us to start a poll with our Talking About My Generation community on our Facebook page – who don’t shy away from a good political debate.

We asked if the Government’s new mantra “Stay Alert – Control The Virus – Save Lives” conveys a clear message. The poll results were a resounding ‘no’ – taking 85% of the vote and just 15% voting ‘yes’ to the message being clear.

One reader said: “The slogan reminds me of the souvenirs with the message “Be alert! Britain needs lerts” on them that you used be able to buy in the 70s”. Another disagreed saying:  “It’s not rocket science, just common sense”

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has been critical of the approach, telling BBC News: “People are being encouraged to return to work but we don’t have all the guidance for how best to run public transport – not everybody has a car.

“So some people will feel in a vulnerable position if they’re forced on to public transport without the necessary procedures in place.

“This is why I’m saying it was rushed, this feels to me as though it’s not been properly thought through.”

What are your thoughts? Get in touch and share your views with our letters page: changingtherecord@gmail.com 


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