Our Talking about My Generation Top of the Pops with Mike Dodd

You have probably already guessed it but our newsroom is filled with music fans, so we now have our very own Top of the Pops series.

Sharing the tracks of his years this week is our Oldham and Rochdale reporter, Mike Dodd. Mike has given us his choices in no particular order and without commentary.

He said: “I daren’t! It took ages to lose another half dozen or so.” What do you make of his choices?

We would love to know what would make your ultimate Top of the Pops. Send us your top ten tracks and we will publish them at changingtherecord@gmail.com

Singing the Blues – Guy Mitchell

Don’t Be Cruel – Elvis Presley

No matter What – Boyzone


Bye Bye Love – Everley Brothers

Only You – The Platters

Only the Lonely – Roy Orbison

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Shirelles

Love in the First Degree – Bananarama

Blue Moon -Marcellus

You are my Sunshine – Pine Ridge Boys


  1. Hey Mike,
    Apart from Boyzone and Bananarama, you took me right back to my early interest in Pop and on into my early teens. I think “Singing the Blues” might have been the first song in which I really took an interest, as I’d be about 9 years old at the time. Mind you I seem to remember favouring Tommy Steel’s version over Guy Mitchell’s. My Mother took me to see Tommy Steel in the days when he was a pop star. Some really class stuff there, Mike. As we’ve all been spoiled for choice, I wonder how we’d fare with producing a Top Ten for each of the decades in which we lived. My first decade where I had any musical awareness would be the 50s (I was born 1947) so I must have started to have an interest in the mid to late 50s, with the likes of Buddy Holly and Lonnie Donegan. It must have been somewhere in the region of 10-12 when I got my guitar and my tape recorder and got interested in trying to play tunes as well as in recording them from the radio. Over the last few years, I’ve bought a lot of second-hand CDs from charity shops etc. This has given me chance to revisit many artists that I enjoyed years ago as well as discover for the first time some artists both old and new with whom I wasn’t particularly familiar at the time when they released their albums. Thanks for sharing your choice and thanks again, Kirsty for bringing them to life with the links. – Paul.


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