Our Talking about My Generation Top of the Pops with Paul Sherlock

You have probably already guessed it but our newsroom is filled with music fans, so we have decided to start our very own Top of the Pops series.

First up sharing the tracks of his years is Salford reporter, Paul Sherlock. What do you make of his choices? We would love to know what would make your ultimate Top of the Pops. Send us your top ten tracks and we will publish them at changingtherecord@gmail.com


Having lived my teen years in the 60s, there has to be both a Beatles and a Rolling Stones track.

The Beatles choice was difficult but I opted for:

Eleanor Rigby.

I also have a few favourite Stones tracks but settled for:

Ruby Tuesday.


One group that I liked in their early days but didn’t get to see until they (at least some of them) reunited years later was Roxy Music and my favourite track of theirs is:

A Song for Europe.

An artist I really missed out on in his early Velvet Underground days was Lou Reed and I’ll go for a track I heard him play live at the Bridgewater Hall:

Who Am I (Tripiena Song)

I have several female artists amongst my favourites; possibly the top one for me being Kate Bush. On the reverse of her iconic Hounds of Love album was a suite of tracks designated The Ninth Wave one favourite track of mine being Under Ice. There is, however, a similarly titled bonus track on the 1997 re-mastered album that is my actual choice:

Under the Ivy

Annie Lenox is another great female artist and my personal favourite is:

Love Song for a Vampire.

One artist whose albums I bought in vinyl in the 70s and then replaced on DVD is Cat Stevens, who is currently releasing a re-recording of one of his old albums (Tea for the Tillerman). A favourite track of mine from another album (Buddah and the Chocolate Box) is:

King of Trees.

I have a thing about Alice in Wonderland related songs (Do I feel a quiz coming on?) and I’ll go for the classic Tom Petty track:

Don’t Come around Here No More.

Another brilliant female vocalist, previously part of No Doubt is Gwen Stefani and my track of choice is:

Wind it Up.

Finally another artist from the 70’s, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, from their 1973 album Menagerie:


That was difficult. There were so many dearly loved tracks from favourite artists that I wanted to include but that’s got to be my lot (for now at least).


  1. Thanks for posting that for me Kirsty and sourcing 80% of the Videos. I now have a quick resource for some of my all time favourites, without having to look through my albums or search on-line. I hope other people share my appreciation of at least some of them.


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