Overwhelming majority of readers vote to pass on the pints

Pubs and restaurants reopened on 6th July, known as ‘Super Saturday’, in the latest move to ease the lockdown measures.

We asked our readers whether they would be returning to their local for their first pint, or their favourite restaurant.

47% of our readers responded to the Facebook Poll, and 97% voted against returning so soon.

One reader said: “Pubs are for socialising, whereas the rules are against this!”

Another reader commented on the social distancing measures put in place to make returning to the pub possible, saying: “Having to book in advance and sign in so tipsy people can chat quietly to others one metre away served by staff in masks and being asked to leave when they’ve outstayed their allotted time … sounds like fun.”

Meanwhile, updated coronavirus figures for the Manchester area have been revealed. Read more from Manchester Evening News.


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