Pain, sorrow, glory and anger: European Super League

Pauline shares her poem in reaction to the European Super League football crisis, as the ‘big six’ clubs were set to leave the Premier League. Thankfully fan power put a stop to that! We are sure many football fans were feeling like this at the time…

68 years a red

supporting my team

the Busby Babes

Flowers of Munich

from being a child


And then years of pain

followed by the joy and glory

Law Best and Charlton

our Holy Trinity

playing magical football


Winning the beaker

with the Big Ears

ten years

after Munich

was special


Busby created

three great teams

playing the beautiful game

and opening the door

to Europe


As he aged the team did too

and then the wilderness years

an older red now

living abroad so only glimpses

of my team’s matches


The odd cup here and there

but no league title

so near yet so far

never there

and then came Fergie


The glory years

leagues and cups

the Class of 92

wonderful football

joy and smiles


And then more pain

post Fergie

will the phoenix rise again

will the Reds

excite us


A year ago I was a Guest of Honour

on the pitch with 11 other reds

greeting our team

in front of 73,000 fans


A dream when I was

a child 68 years ago

going to United

with my Grandad

to watch the Busby Babes


And now Anger

as the Greedy Glazers

and other owners

forget about fans

and history


68 Years

down the drain

do only telly fans

count now

in this new world


Or will we all watch

smaller local teams

My anger against

the owners of my club



And yes I will remember

the Glory, Pain and Sorrow

of those 68 years

supporting my team

They were special


Nothing will take away

those memories on

The day my club died

And broke my heart

What is your reaction to the Super League news?

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