People and Places

People and places folk are strange

Pictures of faces captured in time

Speaking broken English riddles and rhymes

Watching the invisible clock eat time

Up and down the blue veins of England

And the long hard road of life

To here searching for freedom love and God

I neither feel young or old

Life seems timeless

Hundreds of miles from my homeland

A lone man

I’m moving through the land

With please and thank you on my hands

And please brother-sister understand

Here is my heart and here is my hand

Please don’t hurt me

Play the game will things ever be the same

Constant change sane or insane

Life’s the game

Forget your name they know your number

To this system, I will never surrender

My mind’s been bruised

And now it’s tender

A bittersweet taste of the future

The idiot is now the teacher

As the grains of sand fall from my hand

Time is passing got to move fast

These memories are fading Images of the past

Life is like a game of chess

But a pawn can get checkmate

Goodbye and God bless

– Paul Foulds


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