Photographer calls for Greater Manchester models

A photographer working for the Centre for Better Ageing is looking for people aged 50+ in the Greater Manchester area to take part in creating a vibrant series of ‘age positive’ portraits.

Think about typical pictures of ‘older people’, the photographer, Gemma Taylor, would like to create the opposite!

What Gemma’s looking for:

She would primarily like to photograph people at work, creating some action shots as well as creative portraits.

Photos will be taken at a safe social distance and other precautions and relevant lockdown guidelines respected. For example, it may not be possible to photograph you indoors at work, so your portrait may be taken outside instead if we can depict your job, e.g. through a uniform, your work ‘tools’, or similar.

What it’s for:

The Centre for Better Ageing and  Talking About My Generation will store and use the pictures, which will include your name, age and a short testimony.

Photos will be published in their communications when relevant (website/reports/social media). For example, there is a new report planned in relation to employment and the over 50s.

What’s required of you:

To take part you need to be available for approximately 1 hour, at work or other (outdoor) location of your choice, between 25 Aug – 5 September (you can also register your interest for a later date on either the same work-related theme, or also related to community, health or housing).

If you’d like to take part, or have any questions, please contact Gemma: or 07305075511


  1. Hello,
    I am 60 years old and currently out of work as l am a live music promoter. I could, perhaps, pose at a venue for you. I have some good outdoor ones if you are interested.

    • Hi George, thanks for getting in touch! We have shared your information with the photographer, Gemma. We will also be in touch!

      TAMG team x


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