Remembering Someone So Dear

A Boy, a Man, a Husband, a Dad, a Granddad,

Always thoughtful and sometimes mad,

Someone to depend on when you need a friend,

A true gentleman right to the end.


He was skilled in many a way,

And wielded a spanner day after day,

Putting himself last when things got tough,

To be in line even when feeling rough.


A working-class gent true to his Newcastle roots,

A pleasing sight when at the foot of the stairs, we saw his boots,

Monday to Friday he’d leave the house and toil,

And came home later smelling of oil.


You would always listen with a heart so kind,

Even if you had something else on your mind,

You stopped, looked, and give us your time,

A stable presence that will always be mine.


Day after day you looked on your family with pride,

And we are proud of you too and stand by your side,

Through to the end you were true and clear,

And you carried out your duty without any fear.


You will truly be missed by those you touched each day,

And left such a light that will continue to show our way,

We are sad right now and there seems nowhere to hide,

But one day we know we’ll again be by your side.

Bob Alston – to celebrate the life of Kenneth Pearson 

Bob Alston
Tameside reporter, website and magazine designer and editor.


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