School Days

Remembering my school years and going back in the day,

These were the good old days in their own way.

Dinner tickets at lunchtime to go and get your slops,

Most of them were sold and we’d sneak off to the shops.

Getting on the bus and meeting with your mates,

You were so busy talking they almost closed the gates.

Showers after PE that never got to happen,

The thought of getting wet and you’d start flappin’.

Chewing gum under the desk that was just a nightmare,

Flicking things at the Teacher cos someone said I dare.

There was always someone without a pen that you would have to lend,

Little love letters being sent on paper you couldn’t bend.

Parents evening some would dread, they knew what was going to happen,

If they got a bad report they were in for a slappin’.

Sports against another school was the time to get stuck in,

Extra house points for your team if you went on to win.

You have to grow up one day and use your adult voice,

But I’d go back in a heartbeat, if I ever got the choice.

by Debbie Williams


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